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RMK's Head Designer Teemu Saukkio got in touch from Raisio, about two hours West of Helsinki, Finland, to give us a few updates on where the E2 project stands. The new renders put a raised handlebar on the bike, where the old ones showed clip-ons – this gives it more of a hooligan streetfighter stance as opposed to a café racer.
They also show further detail around the nicely flared tank, and add in what will be a signature design stroke: beefy exposed wiring from the back of the battery box that curves around and into the hubless rear-wheel drive system. A lovely touch for those who get excited about cable routing – and there are more of those guys than you might think.
The only problem we can see is that you're probably going to need some protection on that wiring, particularly where stones might flick up from the front wheel. The last thing you want is to be exposing any copper to the elements.
While we're at it, let's take a look at the E2 prototype under construction. Here's a nice look at the front of the battery box under the headstem, showing the skeleton of the E2's broad chest and a glimpse at the battery pack.
Saukkio tells us it took him "about a month" to study up on electric motor design and come up with the hub drive he wanted. The prototype's apparently coming along well, with testing scheduled to be complete before the next Finnish summer, at which point RMK plans to be ready to build 50 to 150 bikes in 2019, with a view to ramping up in 2020.
The company's already got ten pre-orders on the books, and Saukkio says there's an E3 in development as well. The key challenges, he tells us, will be figuring out how to make the thing legal under EU laws, as well as raising capital to move into volume production.

Source: RMK Vehicles