Your Xbox One has just got some new powers. The new update brings voice messages, so you can effectively leave voicemails for your chums over Xbox Live. Just click the microphone icon, and record your message using your headset or Kinect. You can also message Xbox 360 owners on their consoles. Cool.

You can also switch your Xbox One on and off using the SmartGlass app on your Windows phone or tablet. Tap the Kinect button in SmartGlass, and you can power up your console or switch it off.

This follows concerns about how much power the Xbox One uses in 'instant on' mode. Because it's always running in the background, ready to download software updates so you don't have to wait when you want to play, it uses more energy.

Dedicated servers for Party Chat is also rolling out. It's not completely live yet, but it is expanding beyond the preview audience who could previously access it. That should make for fewer hiccups.

Microsoft is keen to stress that it adds features based on what we the users want most. To make your voice heard, head to and let it know what you want to see next. Who knows, it could make it into the next update.

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