Key third party add?ons already updated and available.

A string of third party iOS apps with support for the forthcoming Apple Watch have been released into the App Store, four weeks before the device itself goes on sale.

Big name apps such as Twitter, Evernote, Expedia and the Wall Street Journal have been updated with complete Apple Watch support.

While smaller developers have not yet been allowed to release their Apple Watch?friendly apps, these bigger names have been given the green light by Apple as it begins to promote the device.

Many of the updated apps will feature on Apple Watches being touted in stores from April 10th, giving users a chance to see more than just the native tools.

It?s also thought that the apps have arrived ahead of schedule in order to help early reviewers try out as many apps as possible so they can report their experiences back to a smart watch?hungry consumers.

The Apple Watch goes on sale on April 24th, with prices starting at ?299