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Thread: Channel List With Favourites

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    Channel List With Favourites

    New sky number channel list here with favourites
    Ok This is my first post on this forum but i have been about on many others

    i have been reading a number of posts asking for a up to date 28.2
    cs sky number list. on this and lots of other forums

    so i have compiled a new one with favs list and that was not easy many a late night

    This is for the f3/4/5/5s but should work on other openbox


    All chans are in the Right numbers for sky (ie 106 sky1 780 b4u movie)
    these was taken from skys online TV Guide
    and i have checked them all working and up to date 21/10/13


    select Sky uk do this with the sat list button on the remote
    as if you do not you will be selecting the chans from the fav list

    1. Extract the downloaded file With winrar or winzip if you dont have this use google
    copy the contents (TP_PROG.dbs) to USB drive (not the yellow folder)
    2. Plug the usb drive into the box.
    3. Press menu on the remote and go to tools menu
    4. Select 'Upgrade by USB'.
    6. In the next Window that pops up, use arrow keys to change top line to 'MISC FILES'
    7. Move down to 'SELECT AND UPGRADE'
    8. A new window opens, select 'TP_PROG.dbs' press OK button to place a tick by it and then press
    Yellow button to upgrade
    9. If the box asks you to confirm anything just press Yes.
    10. Reboot box

    11. You will now have to Rename the fav list do this by going back in to menu Edit channel
    Fav Edit press ok then the yellow button rename here you will be able to rename the fav list
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    Updated list 28.12.16

    Latest channel list which suits my needs.

    Sports folder all updated includes SS5 eire

    Works fine on V8S, F3's and F5's.
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