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While a tablet can be a great toy for kids, it's best to give little Johnny the likes of a VINCI Tab or a LeapPad, instead of your precious iPad 2. Otherwise, a kid-resistant tablet case may prove useful. The Crayola Trace & Draw case not only protects the iPad from children, but actually encourages toddlers to treat the tablet as a coloring book or a drawing board.
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Trace & Draw is basically an iPad case which allows users to slide a piece of paper over their iPad's screen, so their kids can play drawing and coloring games via a free app, producing their art on paper. Equipped with openings for speakers and a headphone jack, the case is made of shatter-resistant polycarbonate plastic. It also includes a durable static peel screen shield, for avoiding smudges and fingerprints on the iPad's screen (no word on increased resistance to scratches, though).
Fifty sheets of pre-sized Trace & Draw drawing paper are included (any 8 1/2" x 11" or A4 will do), as well as a black washable felt-tip marker. The free app comes with over 35 different animations and activities based on drawing, tracing and coloring, which will certainly score you some fresh artwork for the fridge.
The Crayola Trace & Draw case is available online at Griffin's website, priced at US$39.99.Aprox ?27.57