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Thread: Bugger... I Got Infected.. How It Happens ... Best Tips to Safe PC Use...

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    Bugger... I Got Infected.. How It Happens ... Best Tips to Safe PC Use...

    NEVER EVER - Browse the Internet with a username that has Admin Rights.
    [Lets all manner of ActiveX, Java Scripts, Office Macro run without being questioned]
    WHY ... because IE assumes you know what you are doing because you are a member of the Admin Group!

    ALWAYS - Under My Computer/Tools/Folder Options/View..
    Select - Show All Hidden Files[2]
    Select - Show Known Extensions[1]
    Select - Show System Files[2]

    Internet Explorer:
    Under tools/internet options/advanced
    select - Empty Internet Temp Files On Exit

    How the Bugger did that get on my PC>>>>>>>

    1 & 2 above are the PRIME mask to getting infected:

    [1] files, videos, MP3, JPG's are the main source.

    did you know...since XP SP1 you can have a '.' in the file name.

    so a file can be FILENAME.JPG.EXE

    but if you've not got show extensions on, you'll see FILENAME.JPG .... ah its a picture..and you go 'oh well p'haps its faulty'
    you think nothing of it..congratulations!! you've just install a virus/trojan.

    [2] both of them are needed.

    Pensticks or CD's or DVD's or ANY external Media carrying device
    [YES!! your phone. MP3 Player, camera memory card etc etc]

    are the next prime source of an infection.....why????

    a little file called AUTORUN.INF

    if this is in the ROOT of the device/card .. if you have not done [2] you wont see it and it will automatically run when the device/drive/card/penstick is plugged another trojan infection.

    VERY VERY VERY few of the above NEED autorun.inf
    if you find this file in the root of any external device - DELETE IT..

    nuff for today.

    please add your own tips below.

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    its nice here....

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    Re: Bugger... I Got Infected.. How It Happens ... Best Tips to Safe PC Use...

    Some very good advice dx.
    It just shows how easy it is to get a virus or trojan.
    I must admit I am probably guilty of most of the things you mentioned because I always browse with full admin privileges, trusting in my anti virus program to warn me.
    As you have just pointed out that is not a good idea.
    We can be too trusting, probably because strict protection can be a nuisance to what your doing.
    I have been falling foul of my own network protection tonight because the bugger won't allow me to connect my pc with my laptop!
    Its really annoying, but better than the alternative.

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    Re: Bugger... I Got Infected.. How It Happens ... Best Tips to Safe PC Use...

    am the same as diablo am guilty big time of doing half of what youve just said
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    Trust me the devil allways wins ,no matter how hard we resist

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