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Thread: Make your own wii modchip

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    Make your own wii modchip

    Hidden Content
    A Wii modchip without the bull****.

    Update (Feb 26th):
    Everything is running at 200%. Our first run production boards are arriving soon and we will be shipping them immediately. On the official launch day of the Wiip, we will also release the source code for the Wiip so you can build one yourself. For all of those who can't wait, here are the parts you will need: an Atmel microcontroller (we recommend the AT90S2313), a 4-MHz resonator (or crystal), two 22pF capacitors and 4x 220 ohm resistors, along with a DB25 case and solder cup, some pref-board, low gauge wires, etc.
    Over the past week we have received a lot of emails. Here are a few of the most common ones:
    Is your Wiip firmware based on another modchip?
    No, our code was developed and built using by us. It is not stolen code.
    How many wire do I have to solder?
    At least five. Three for the console connection and the voltage and ground. On the port we have these labeled 1,2,3,V,G. We also have one spot labeled A (Auxiliary) that may be used for an additional feature in the future.
    Does your mod work with D2B chipset?
    We have not confirmed %100, but we just purchased an off the shelf Wii with such. So the answer is, yes (with an update).
    Does your chip come preprogrammed?
    Our first run boards will not be preprogrammed with Wiip code. However you can easily program it yourself by connecting the included programmer and attaching it to your computer's LPT port.
    What software do you use for programming it?
    Most freeware AVR programming software will work, such as PonyProg2000. However, we are working on our own standalone app that will program it (for Win2000/XP).
    Are you offering Pre-Orders?
    Up until today, no. But now that we have secured a large quantity components, we are now offering pre-orders (up to 100) And yes, it's a first come first serve.
    Does your chip allow for a region hack?
    This feature we have not worked on yet. We do plan to code it in or someone from the scene will add support for it.
    Do you have a final version of the PCB board available?
    Yes, you can download the Gerber files Hidden Content . And you can print them yourself but you can not sell them. We plan to build and release a few more versions over time.
    Wiip is a hardware mod for the Wii system that allows you to boot backup discs. This mod works by utilizing a cheap and simple microcontroller that communicates with the serial port of the Wii's hybrid DVD drive and overrides certain parts of the media's data stream. Allowing you to do all sorts of wonderful things (like boot backup discs).
    The most important part of this project, is that it is open source! In addition to releasing the Wiip chip, on this page you will soon be able to download the PCB schematics, Wiip firmware and documentation! We hope by creating this project, other users will make modifications to our code for newer updates in the future (if needed).
    The current features of Wiip are:
    • Actually upgradeable! Device is bundled with an easy to use programming cable.
    • 20 MHz AVR microcontroller with 2KB of EEPROM (SMD type)
    • Customizable (via open source code)
    • Boots Wii games (DVD+R / DVD-R media)
    • Boots GC games and homebrew
    • AudioFix (naturally)
    • On board DIP switch (enable/disable mod, enable/disable stealth)
    • Works on DMS / D2A chipsets (sorry, we haven't worked on D2B yet)
    The Wiip is going to be available for a mere $20 retail and will appear shortly in our Hidden Content . Or the schematics, code, and software will be available online for free, so you can build one yourself for around $10.
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