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Lister has been around for a moderately evil 66 years, best known for making the dastardly Knobbly race cars that owned the British racing scene in the 50s. More recently, these guys have been doing diabolical things to Jaguars, and to celebrate, here's the fiendish 666-horsepower LFT-C.
Starting out life as an F-Type R convertible, the LFT-C is the drop-top version of Lister's LFT-666 coupe, and it gets the same tuning treatment to raise the stock Jag's supercharged 5-liter V8 from 550 horses up to 666, giving it a top speed around 205 mph (330 km/h) and a 0-62 mph (0-100 km/h) time of "just over three seconds."
All bodywork is binned for Lister's own carbon panels, allowing for a racy redesign, including some garish aero underbody parts. The rear diffuser looks like it's been lifted from a car twice the size, and the front splitter is almost as aggressive. Lister has fitted its own highly complicated wheels, as well as the exhaust, suspension and brakes it uses on the LFT-666.
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The interior gets a jazz-up as well, with Lister getting out the box cutter and chopping all the substandard leather out of the Jaguar cabin, replacing it with Bridge of Weir Nappa leather. That's the fancy Scottish stuff made out of hairy highland coo skins, because hairy coos don't get bitten by mosquitoes. Aston Martin likes using this stuff, because the unblemished leather doesn't need a grain printed on it, and it's the leatheriest-smelling leather going around.
The LFT-C's entire interior, including seats and roof, are wrapped in it, and will thus smell like your most heavenly dream or your worst nightmare, depending on your previous experiences with things that smell like leather.
If that's too rich for you, Lister doesn't mind, it's only making 10 of them anyway. Chassis #01 has already rolled off the line in Lancashire presumably we're looking at it in these photos and Lister is taking orders on the rest, with the expectation that each will be specified to the customer's tastes. Jolly good.

Source: Lister