Hi All

The last time i did this was 3 years ago ............and the time as come again to try and get a bit of help keeping this forum going.

As you know i was looking at closing this forum down a couple of months back, but i have had that meany PMs over it that i thought long and hard about keeping it open which i have been doing and with a little bit of help i think we can keep it open.

You our members using world-of-digital can help us.......... if we are saving you money and you enjoy these forums and what we have to offer then please help us by donating here Hidden Content

We have a Donation bar at the top of the forum and from time to time it does get used, everything we have got from it in the passed has been put straight back into the running cost of this forum, and I thank everyone of you that has used it over the years and hope it will start to get used again

But it is now getting that the cost of keeping world-of-digital running is getting more and more Expensive for me on my own to keep open.

Any help with the running cost and future development and promotion of our forums will help to go a long way.

And once again that's where you the members come in, we need your help to keep the forum alive.

We have a few closed forums on here for members that help out by donating to world-of-digital get to see and use and hopefully save you even more money.

Once any member as donated they then get classed as a forum supporter and for that you will end up getting access to exclusive forums that no one else can see unless they are too a forum supporter, plus on top of that you will get I'm a forum supporter banner which will be at the top of your posts that everyone else will see.

I am asking you our members to support us by donating 10 to get a yearly membership and at the same time knowing that you have help us to keep world-of-digital alive and kicking.

If anyone is Interested in helping then please donate using the main front page of world-of-digital donation bar at the top or here Hidden Content

Thanks once again for spending your time reading this and lets hope we are still here in another 10 years.