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Among other things, Niu Technologies has already brought us an electric urban motorbike, scooter and ebike. Now the Chinese mobility company has announced its first-ever electric dirt bike, the XQi3.

According to Niu CEO Dr. Yan Li, the XQi3 is "meticulously crafted to excel in off-road conditions across various terrains, while also being well-equipped to navigate the challenges of urban environments."

To that end, it's being offered in both Street (road-legal) and Wild (off-road-only) models. The big difference between the two is the top speed, which is limited to 45 km/h (28 mph) for the Street and 75 km/h (47 mph) for the Wild. It's worth noting that the Street also comes with required components such as turn indicators, side mirrors and a rear license plate holder.

Both versions are propelled by an 8,000-watt motor that is in turn powered by a quick-swappable 72V/32-Ah LG lithium-ion battery. One 5-hour charge is claimed to be good for a range of 80 to 90 km (50 to 56 miles), depending on usage and terrain.

Some of the XQi3's other techy features include an Ultra Boost function that delivers the full 8,000 watts of peak power on demand; NFC- and Bluetooth-enabled locking/unlocking; a halo-type LED headlight; plus a round TFT screen which displays a lap timer, route tracking, incoming phone calls and other information.

Among the more traditional motorbike features are 19-inch off-road tires with 220-mm (front) and 203-mm (rear) disc brakes; an aluminum frame; plus KKE front and rear suspension. The whole bike reportedly tips the scales at 76 kg (168 lb).

Source: Niu Technologies