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Veering off the battlefield, Canoo has revealed a more civilian-friendly version of the all-electric Light Tactical Vehicle (LTV) it provided to the US Army for testing a year ago. The new American Bulldog is designed to be as American as it comes, but instead of carrying troops and supplies across war-ravaged lands, it's aimed at more everyday tasks, like tending to farm and ranch before sneaking out for a midday fishing escape. Canoo has effectively tamed the wild "Screaming Eagle" into a loyal, energetic best friend.

The American Bulldog shows what happens when the LTV nicknamed "Screaming Eagle" gets transformed into a rugged, consumer-friendly multipurpose truck. Like its mil-spec sibling, the Bulldog features an adaptable rear box with walls that fold away to clear an open flatbed. It could be a very versatile little e-transporter for work and recreation along with the bed and its MOLLE-like walls, the Bulldog packs on a roof rack as an extra cargo carry option.

The Bulldog features a new facial signature as compared to the LTV and older Canoo vehicles, with the original sideways-T headlamps shrinking into more horizontal lamps that still line up in a general "T" orientation. These lamps are part of a more defined front-end complete with dual parallel bars running from side to side to give the design a little more definition.

Interestingly, the Bulldog looks more rugged than the 2022 Screaming Eagle LTV, showing a stronger front bumper design and teasing a wider track below the more dramatically flared and angled fenders. The new truck features a honeycomb body construction, but Canoo does not specify if it's made from the same carbon-Kevlar as the LTV.

Canoo teases a 2-/4-wheel drive and steer- and brake-by-wire systems. It doesn't reveal much else about the design, outside of stressing that it reflects the "grit and resolve of the American people." Last year's military version came powered by a 600-hp electric drive and rolled on a lifted air suspension cushioning all-terrain tires.

The four-door Bulldog features a more tactical interior than we expected, complete with MOLLE door panels and a full-width dashboard storage tray. The offset driver display is a bit odd but is augmented by a central digital drive indicator directly below the windshield.

Source: Canoo