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Teaming with former GT1 world champion Andrea Bertolini, Maserati has crafted a blacked-out, nighthawk version of the MC20 supercar, only 50 copies of which will be made.

Always inventive with the names, Maserati is calling the limited-run vehicle Notte, which means "night" in Italian. About as inventive as calling its four-door luxury sports sedan the "Quattroporte," which translates to "four doors." But at least the lack of imagination ends with the name.

Bertolini has added his signature touches to the car, including 20-inch matte black birdcage wheels ahead of white calipers, six-way power sport seating, and an Alcantara sport steering wheel with carbon fiber inserts. Each of the 50 units of the MC20 Notte will also sport a UNA DI # metal plate between the two headrests as well.

The MC20 Notte uses the same engine and drivetrain as the Maserati MC20. That 90-degree V6 has a 3.0-liter displacement, an 11:1 compression ratio and a rev limit at a healthy 8,000 rpm, and produces 630 hp (463 kW).

The MC20 is, as our own Loz Blain put it, "business at the bottom, party at the top." The engineering of the MC20 and this new MC20 Notte version seems to focus on the lower portions of the car, where the carbon fiber, drivetrain, suspension, and braking are located. Up top, it's all about the beauty.

The Notte Edition takes the already supermodel good-looks of the MC20 and adds a few touches of color and panache.

Source: Maserati