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At this week's DSEI Defence exhibition in London, SpearUAV unveiled its Multi Canister Launcher (MCL) Viper system, which is bolted onto the outside of conventional and robotic military vehicles to launch Viper drones without exposing soldiers to harm.

Military drones are becoming ubiquitous and current plans are for them to be even more numerous across the board. For that to happen, these robotic warriors will have to seamlessly integrate with other fighting systems instead of being a complicated add-on. One example of this is SpearUAV's MCL Viper system.

The Viper 300 family is a set of small foldable quadcopter drones with electric propulsion, interchangeable warheads, and advanced interactive sensors that allow them to evade obstacles, hover, and home in on and identify targets before the human operator presses the attack button.

SpearUAV is taking the concept a step further with the MCL, which consists of four or more Vipers in canisters as part of a single unit. This unit is designed to bolt to the outside of a vehicle like a tank, armored personnel vehicle, or robotic scout vehicle. This provides a tactical unit with the ability to launch multiple drones simultaneously or in sequence and command them in flight individually or in swarms without having to leave the protection of the vehicle interior or reducing maneuverability.

"At Spear, we have recognized the complicated challenges associated with SWAP (Size, Weight, and Power) allocation within military platforms, coupled with the crucial need to enhance tactical forces with advanced capabilities," said Yiftach Kleinman, EVP Commercial at Spear UAV. "Spearís proven expertise in encapsulating Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) and executing missions seamlessly from a diverse array of platforms, including submarines and Infantry Fighting Vehicles (IFVs), drives the development of the MCL Viper.

"This innovative solution is poised to empower the entire VIPER 300 family of capabilities, catering to units ranging from squads and platoons to companies and battalions. Military forces can now leverage the advantages of unitary or SWARM capabilities, encompassing hovering, speed, compactness, and cost-effectiveness, with the ability to engage and eliminate pinpoint targets either kinetically or electronically. Integration with BMS and C4i systems ensures our integration within the forcesí ecosystem. This solution reshapes tactical effectiveness, enabling troops to successfully execute a wide range of missions while enhancing their protection and minimizing exposure to adversaries in any warfare scenario."

Source: SpearUAV