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Whether they're conservation officers, soldiers on maneuvers or search-and-rescue workers, there are people who need to move across rugged terrain with a minimum of engine noise. The all-electric Envo e-ATV is designed with just such folks in mind.

Currently available for sale to industry clients, the four-wheeled vehicle is manufactured by Canadian electric mobility company Envo Drive Systems. Among other things, the firm has previously brought us an electric snowbike, an electric water bike, and a sleek commuter ebike.

Tipping the scales at a claimed 160 kg (353 lb), the e-ATV is propelled by two 1,500-watt rear hub motors for a total of 3,000 watts which take it to a top speed of 50 km/h (31 mph). It's powered by a 60V/3,000-Wh lithium battery, one charge of which is reportedly good for a range of 50 to 70 km (31 to 43 miles). A regenerative braking system helps in that regard.

The e-ATV is driven in either a standing or seated position if the seat isn't being used, it can be removed. Additionally, the handlebars can be folded down for transit and storage. The vehicle has a payload capacity of 200 kg (441 lb), and is capable of towing up to 350 kg (772 lb). Double wishbone suspension, hydraulic disc brakes and 200 mm (7.9 in) of ground clearance help it tackle off-road environments.

Source: Envo