Just a heads up tech world..

Sly uk 28.2 sd is now open using a modded oscam and a line of your choice as long as the provider is compatible with icam as they must have latest oscam server side.
HD does not mostly open its mainly SD because these guys are keeping HD for their iptv servers which makes sense as its being kept underground for them to make more money.

What is streamrelay?

Streamrelay is oscam replaying back a live stream inside your boxes tuner and adding a key to unlock the black screen.

is streamrelay the same as iptv?

No. your own sat box does the work from your satellite signal.

Where can i find out more and get a test or sub?

tests are available with specific providers pm me as i wont say where on a public forum.

Is it easy to setup?

all instructions are provided by the suppliers as a detailed walkthrough quite easy if your tech savvy and have a laptop pc or phone

Where can i research on this new method?

googling these keywords s*y uk 28.2 oscam icam will bring info Hidden Content


The server im with is 20 a year which is actually quite cheap because ive been on a few places researching and they want 50 to 150 euros
which is totally scamming