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An “unusually bright” meteor that lit up the night sky over southwest Norway on Saturday, is said to have been from the Taurid meteor shower. The large cosmic fireball — sometimes called a bolide for its exceptional brightness — burnt up completely in the atmosphere, causing concerned Norwegians to call the police that night.

"It was very powerful, and burned up completely in the atmosphere," Morten Bilet, founder of Norsk meteornettverk (Norwegian Meteor Network), said
Several motorists in south Norway were momentarily mystified by the brilliant green meteor streaking across the sky.
Per Skram, 27, was visiting his girlfriend’s great-grandmother when he witnessed a bright flash.
“It suddenly became bright, so I thought at first it was a car driving with high beams,'' they said.
“But then I looked up at the sky, and there was a massive, flaming light that shot across the sky with a long, blue tail behind it.”

Experts at the Norwegian Meteorological Institute believe the burning space rock may have been a meteorite.
When a meteoroid survives its descent through the Earth’s atmosphere and hits the ground, it’s called a meteorite.
Norsk meteornettverk said Saturday night’s sightings of the flaming debris belonged to the northern Taurids, even though many skywatchers confused it with the Leonid meteor shower - which is also active currently.
“The Taurids do not produce as many meteors as the Leonids but the Taurids occasionally produce very powerful meteors, like this one,” it stated.