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There are now a fair number of electric cars that have a small, lightweight body in order to maximize their battery range. Well, the Pickman XR takes that same philosophy and applies it to a four-wheel-drive pickup truck.

In its base 2-door/2-passenger configuration, the vehicle measures 141.7 inches long (3,599 mm) by 59.8 in wide (1,519 mm) by 72.6 in high (1,844 mm). It has a 95.3-in (2,421 mm) wheelbase, a gross weight of 620 kg (1,367 lb), a payload capacity of 600 kg (1,323 lb) and a 3,000-kg (3.3-ton) towing capacity. There's also a 4-door/4-passenger 4XR model which is slightly longer, taller and heavier, and that has a lower 500-kg (1,102-lb) payload capacity.

In both cases, a 72V/102-Ah/7.3-kWh lithium-iron-phosphate battery pack delivers power to two axle-mounted motors a 3-kW unit in front, and a 7.5-kW motor in the back. One three- to four-hour charge is reportedly good for a range of up to 50 miles (80 km), although a couple of optional higher-capacity batteries boost that range to either 90 or 130 miles (145 or 209 km).The XR's maximum speed is 50 mph (80 km/h). Drivers can choose between three gear modes: 4WD low speed, 4WD high speed, and 2WD top speed.

Some of the vehicle's other features include front and rear independent suspension (double wishbone in front, leaf plate in the back), front and rear skid plates, a roof/bed rack with LED spotlights, power windows/door locks, bumper guards, a rear backup camera, power steering, a multimedia LCD infotainment touchscreen display, and 15-inch wheels.Along with the bigger batteries, optional extras include air conditioning, a towing package, a rubber liner on the cargo bed, and a 5-kW portable power station with multiple outlets.

One thing that should be noted is the fact that the XR is intended for off-road use only, as it is not street-legal. If you're still interested in getting one, though, you can place a deposit via Pickman's just-launched Indiegogo campaign. Assuming the truck reaches production, the total amounts due will be US$17,000 for the base XR and $18,000 for the 4XR.

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