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For cyclists in many parts of the world, the arrival of winter signals the end of proper outdoor bike riding. Well, they might want to check out the Arosno E-trace, as it's designed specifically for cycling in the snow.

Created by French entrepreneurs Romain Faure and Agathe Lebaron, the E-Trace is sort of a recumbent electric-assist tricycle. Instead of wheels, though, it has two steerable polyethylene skis in front, and a Camso snowmobile-style rubber track in the back.

As the rider pedals, they spin up a rear sprocket wheel via a chain that's routed through the trike's aluminum alloy frame. That sprocket engages the track, causing it to turn, thus moving the vehicle forward.

The rider's pedalling effort is augmented by a 250-watt Sachs RS motor, which is powered by a removable 48-volt lithium battery. This arrangement is claimed to deliver a top motor-assisted speed of 25 km/h (16 mph) and a battery range of up to 45 km (28 miles) per charge.

The whole thing reportedly tips the scales at 45 kg (99 lb), and can support a maximum rider weight of 120 kg (265 lb). Some of its other features include 45 mm of front suspension; an Enviolo continuously variable gearbox; a Magura MT5 eSTOP hydraulic disc brake; plus a 550-lumen Supernova Mini 2 Pro headlight and a Supernova E3 tail light. A rack for carrying a second battery is an optional extra.

You can see the vehicle in action, in the video below. Potential buyers might also want to check out Envo's Electric SnowBike Kit, which replaces an existing mountain bike's front and rear wheels with a ski and an electric-assist rubber track, respectively.

Source: Arosno via Pinkbike