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A Jaguar XJR-12D Group C race car sustained heavy damage during a crash at the Goodwood Festival of Speed on Sunday during the event's timed shootout session, according to video of the event streamed live. The driver, seasoned Goodwood veteran Justin Law, seemed relatively unharmed. The same couldn't be said of the car, unfortunately.This content is imported from YouTube. You may be able to find the same content in another format, or you may be able to find more information, at their web site.Law, who builds, maintains, and races Jaguars for a living through Don Law Racing, lost control of the Nineties icon coming out of the Flint Wall chicane roughly three-fourths of the way up the iconic hillclimb course. The car spun off into the grass and slammed into the hay bale barrier backwards, causing heavy damage to the rear end of the vehicle.

With no major factory-backed competitors participating this year, Law and the 7.0-liter V-12-powered XJR-12 were one of the favorites to win the timed shootout event outright. If you're familiar with your Goodwood history, you'll know Law won the event once before in 2009 with a record time of 44.19 at the wheel of an XJR-8/9.With Law out of contention early in the day, it was Rob Bell in his McLaren 720S GT3X that took overall victory with a time of 45.01. Travis Pastrana followed closely behind in his Gymkhana STI, followed by Jeremy Smith in his 1988 Spice-Cosworth race car.The XJR-12 wasn't the only Jaguar-badged V-12 supercar to kiss the hay bales at Goodwood this year. An ultra-rare XJR-15 road car also lost control going up the hill, sustaining heavy damage to the front end:It seems 2021 will not be a Festival of Speed to remember for Jaguar fans.