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If youíd like a visual of one way that doom could overtake Earth almost immediately, then YouTube user Anselo La Manna has just the video for you: a large asteroid impact simulation scored to nothing other than Pink Floyd.Specifically, thatís ďGreat Gig in the Sky,Ē off what might be the bandís most beloved and over-analyzed album, Dark Side of the Moon. Itís got everything total annihilation needs: contemplative piano, pedal steel guitar, and of course, a plaintive wail, capturing the whole range of emotions that people might feel if they were burned to a crisp because one big rock hit another.Anselo La Manna also hosts the original clip the mashup video uses on their YouTube page, a simulation of a large asteroid impact. It appears to be from Miracle Planet, a documentary series that aired on the Discovery Channel. For comparison, our last brush with a potential asteroid-based death in 2020 was neither deadly nor exceptionally exciting. The asteroid missed us, and was only about the size of a smart car in the first place.