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The Ram 1500 TRX might be marketed as a desert trail conqueror, but it can do more than just bounce through dunes and clear massive jumps. Thanks to a 702-horsepower Hellcat-sourced supercharged V-8 under the hood, it can hold its own in a drag race against a proper race buggy.
Hoonigan brought together a new TRX and a custom-built desert buggy to see which would be quicker in a straight-up drag. The buggy in question, built by Blake Wilkey, uses a 582-horsepower supercharged LS3 V-8, and sends power to the rear wheels via a proper sequential gearbox. While it doesn't have all-wheel drive like the Ram, it weighs just 3200 pounds (less than half the TRX's weight). On paper, things should be close.And they are. During the first race, both cars get a good start, but the buggy struggles for traction. It's able to get in line, but not in time to beat the TRX. The second race goes a bit better for the buggy, getting more traction and besting the Ram by a car length.The third race would've been just as close as the first two, but the buggy botched the start, giving the Ram the tie-breaking win. Is there anything this truck can't do?