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For the last decade, Canadian electric vehicle-maker Daymak has been looking to shake things up in the mobility space with all kinds of interesting creations. These included the world's first wireless electric bike way back in 2011 and more recently, solar-powered off-roaders and all-electric ATVs. The company's latest machinations indicate it isn't about to start thinking inside the box anytime soon, launching a crowdfunding campaign for a three-wheeled electric car it says will become the fastest on the planet.
These grand ambitions are apart of the equally audacious Avvenvire series of next-generation electric vehicles Daymak revealed last year, which included an enclosed recumbent ebike, an all-terrain explorer vehicle to take into the wilderness, and a flying-saucer-shaped flying car.
In terms of potential vaporware, the Spiritus probably sits around the middle of this lineup, positioned as an "all electric option for the modern urban commuter." The company says the two-seater will drive like a go-kart and feature solar panels for trickle charging along with regenerative braking, and will accelerate from 0 to 60 mph (96 km/h) in 1.8 seconds, which would earn it the title of the fastest three-wheeler on Earth.
“This is very exciting” comments Daymak founder Aldo Baiocchi. “Daymak has come a long way from when I started in my garage in 2001. The Spiritus is a dream come true.”
One look at the Spiritus and it doesn't strike us as the type of machine we'll be seeing on the road anytime soon, but then again neither did some of Daymak's previous creations. It is canvassing interest in the concept through a focused crowdfunding campaign where it hopes to attract 50,000 pre-orders between now and July 2021. These can be placed via a deposit on its website and will be deducted from the final price of the vehicle should it come to pass.
The Ultimate model with a carbon fiber body, all-wheel drive, autonomous driving capabilities, 80-kWh battery and 300-mile (480-km) range will be priced at a US$149,000, while the Deluxe model will be priced at a relatively humble $20,000, pack a 36-kWh battery and have a range of 180 mi (290 km).