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If youíve ever watched a Batman movie or played Just Cause, youíve probably thought ďwow, using a grappling hook would be so much fun.Ē YouTuber Built IRL, whose name is JT, thought so too ó and heís been working on making that happen for the past year. The end result is a grappling hook gun that functions pretty similarly to the ones weíve seen in movies and games.

As youíll see in the video, this new grappling gun is more impressive than many previous attempts. For one thing, itís self-contained ó the entire unit fits on his arm, including the CO2-powered blasting mechanism that shoots the hook using standard cartridges, and a very powerful 10,000W motor thatís properly fast and can completely pull him up into the air. (He shows off some previous historical attempts to build such a gadget, and definitely seems like his hook would win the grappling gun race.)

Unlike some other DIY grappling hooks, JTís contraption can also bring him back down to earth. He can control his direction and speed with a wheel near his thumb.
You can also see some of the real-world limitations of a grapple gun, ones that Batman never had to deal with since heís a work of fiction. The device can be hard to control ó partly because JTís trying to use his thumb while also supporting all his weight with one hand. For the most part, he uses it attached to a harness, so the impact of being yanked up into the air can be spread across his whole body instead of being dragged by a single arm. (Just thinking about that makes my shoulders hurt.)

It also turns out that wrapping a grappling hook around whatever youíre trying to climb isnít as easy as it seems in Overwatch or Titanfall 2. Thatís especially true when itís being fired out of something attached to your arm.
Despite the drawbacks, the device still works shockingly well for something so small, and itís awesome to see a project like this come together. Heís also working on a version of Spider-Manís web shooters, and his success with the grappling gun.