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In collaboration with the upcoming Avatar film, Mercedes-Benz has unveiled a new concept car at CES 2020. The car, called the Vision AVTR, is named for "Advanced Vehicle Transformation." The concept aims to blend human, machine, and nature.

Like most Mercedes Vision concepts, the AVTR is purely a design dream; an exercise in what could be, and in possibilities. As a visual, MB designers took the Avatar sequel's flowing, natural motif and encapsulated it into a "One Bow" design element for the car ... giving the AVTR a distinctly organic feel.

The Vision AVTR is designed to be driven from either side. "Bionic flaps" (33 of them) along the vehicle's bodywork communicate both with the driver and from the driver to the outside world. What they're communicating is unclear, but Mercedes says they use "naturally flowing movements in subtle gestures."

The design also means that the interior is clearly visible from outside, showing that the organics continue inside. The conventional automotive steering wheel is missing, replaced by a knob-like "control unit" that is biometrically linked to the user. Recognizing heartbeat and breathing, the unit allows the driver to make the vehicle "come to life" and be driven only with gestures.

Menus and controls come in the form of projected menus, which appear on the user's hand during operation. Both the driver and passengers have access to menus, which differ by function. Meanwhile, a curved display module gives a visual connection to the outside world. Renditions from Mercedes make this appear as a sort of augmented reality for interaction.

As for the Mercedes-Benz Vision AVTR itself ... the concept is a battery-electric vehicle using a graphene-based organic cell chemistry that contains no rare earths or metals, and which is fully recyclable. It includes compostable materials in its (currently conceptual) makeup.

Seating is clad in vegan Dinamica Leather and a wood called Karuun (derived from rattan).

The Mercedes-Benz Vision AVTR was unveiled at CES in Las Vegas, and will be on display for the duration of the show.

Source: Mercedes-Benz