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Firefox already has the option of blocking website notification requests, but Mozilla wants to go further by replacing them altogether. The newly available Firefox 72 replaces irksome notification pop-ups with a speech bubble that appears in the address bar. You'll still have access to notifications if you want them, but your web surfing won't come to a screeching halt when you visit a site for the first time.

This is also a meaningful update if you're privacy-minded. The browser now blocks fingerprinting scripts by default for all users. Sites should have a tougher time giving you a unique profile. You can still enable them if they're necessary for a site.

There's also one addition that's purely meant for fun. Picture-in-picture video playback is now available for Mac and Linux users. Many videos now have the option of playing in a pop-up if you'd like to multitask. While this isn't a new feature in the browser world, it might be welcome if you prefer Mozilla's approach.

Source: Firefox