Sonos has finally launched its own smart speaker today, called the One.

The Sonos One is essentially a Play:1 with Amazon Alexa built-in, It isnít completely without limitations, though, and the question of whether to upgrade from a Play:1 to a One is a tricky one which is what i'm thinking about at the moment (do i or don't i)

It's shape and size, are practically identical to the Play:1. The only significant aesthetic departure is the replacement of the Play:1ís grey wraparound grille with a black or white grille, depending on the colour of speaker youíve chosen.

Things have changed on the top plate, where the three buttons of the Play:1 have been replaced by a touch-sensitive panel decorated with a circle of tiny, white LEDs and symbols.

These represent play/pause, the microphone and Sonosí now-familiar context-sensitive actions, while the white LEDs illustrate when Alexa is switched on.

The downside is that the Alexa software is still abit Buggy ( i know this as i was part of the beta testing for Sonos ) but it is improving day by day.

So if you want voice-controlled music with a good sound i would say the new Sonos one is for you.

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