Get ready for Apple to take over your house. The first swathe of gear equipped to work with Apple?s HomeKit software will land next month, Apple has confirmed. That means lightbulbs, garage door openers, smoke alarms, thermostats and more will all talk to your iOS devices.

?HomeKit [hardware certification] has been available for just a few months and we already have dozens of partners who have committed to bringing HomeKit accessories to market and we?re looking forward to the first ones coming next month,? an Apple spokesperson told The Wall Street Journal.

We haven?t heard much about HomeKit since Apple announced it alongside iOS 8 last year. One report claimed that some HomeKit devices were delayed until the autumn. The problem was said to be that smaller devices needed too much memory.

It?s been almost a year since Apple announced HomeKit, so maybe things aren?t going as smoothly as Apple would like. We?re sure to hear more at WWDC, which kicks off on June 8, so stay tuned.

There?s no shortage of competing products in the smart home space, chief of which is Nest, the smart thermostat. Nest was bought by Apple?s arch rival Google. The war for control of your home is only just starting to hot up.

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i expect the apple addicted will be paying through the nose for this on launch day!!!