In this day and age, with governmental monitoring and censorship increasing as an exponential rate, using a VPN is almost a must, and if it isn?t yet, it will be in the coming years. Meanwhile, if you?re located in the United Kingdom or China you?ll actually probably need to use a VPN immediately should you want to access content from sites like 1Channel and Project Free TV that have been blocked by those countries. We?re now going to explain to you how to configure your entire system to access the internet in general through a VPN, which will increase your security, privacy and also ensure that you can access censored sites from anywhere without fail. This will protect your entire computer or device, not just XBMC itself, which is definitely a good thing.

Note: This procedure involves subscribing to a paid VPN service, you can however find free proxies on Google and configure them using the same procedure, but they are far less reliable and are probably not good for streaming video either.


vpn tunnel service How To Configure your Device to Access the Internet through a VPN for Enhanced Privacy (and Watch Blocked Content)

Step 1: Hidden Content for an account the Private Internet Access service through their web site. You?ll receive an email from them with your login details once payment is completed.

Step 2: Visit the Client Support page of their web site in order to download their application to your specific device. They have versions for Mac, Windows, Android, iOS, Ubuntu platforms and more!

Step 3: Once you?ve installed their VPN software, you?ll need to login to it using the details which you received from them by email upon signup.

Step 4: You?ll need to launch their ?Private Internet Access? software application whenever you want to surf the web through their VPN (or watch blocked content through XBMC), you might also want to set the software to load automatically upon boot within the software preferences.

You can also choose the specific VPN location which you wish to connect to, you definitely don?t want to be using a British proxy if you want to be able to watch blocked content, keep that in mind.

Step 5: Launch XBMC and use it as you would normally, or surf the web, or do whatever you?d like, anonymously with the utmost security. You won?t even notice a difference!