Manufacturers of Android mobile phones will once again be launching their latest models and as before, we will be warning users and manufacturers at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona that not enough is being done to safeguard user information, Ian Shaw, MD at MWR InfoSecurity said.

The increasing lack of security controls on the phones is exposing users to fraud and other criminal activity.

According to Shaw, manufacturers are not doing enough to protect their users from a wide range of attacks. Android mobiles are being compromised daily exposing users to a real security risk, he said.

Manufacturers must spend more time looking to see how they can safeguard users. Many seem to forget that they have a duty of care.

The problem is that many users just don?t realize how vulnerable they actually are. Criminals can steal personal details like bank passwords and other personal information.

MWR InfoSecurity so far has found ten security vulnerabilities on Samsung?s smartphones and tablets in its hunt for Android security issues.

The company said it had warned the firm about these and had been assured that it was working on them.