Im doing a job at a friends house at the moment and they wanted me to re decorate the bedroom that they have just had plastered. Well when i say re plastered i think i should be saying re spanish rendered Hidden Content It was a right mess and needed sanding badly! My old little palm sander i had wasnt up to the job it was on its last legs and i couldnt put it through the ordeal of sanding this mountain range! So after buying a few other worx goodies i thought that would be my first port of call Hidden Content

Found this one Hidden Content tion=//catalog01/en_GB/categories%3C{9372015}/categories%3C{9372047}/categories%3C{9372206}/categories%3C{9392097}/specificationsProductType=palm___detail_sanders

A full sheet sander with extraction system on it so thought here we go a box on the back and dust everywhere else apart from in the box Hidden Content Oh no i was wrong!! i was sanding away and thought er its not working as no dust all over!! Then looked in the box at the back and sure enough a load of dust in it!! Winner Hidden Content Then started to think the sand paper they sent wasnt very abrasive so o thought here we go going to have to spend lods on new pads but then i remembered something when i took it out of the box there was a plate on the bottom of it with spikes in it! Humm i looked and ah ha you can put any sandpaper on it then put the plate on and it makes the holes for dust extraction!! Yippee!! Got some realy ruff sandpaper and cut it down to size made me holes and away i went. 6 speeds make easy work of the walls and then i was ready for paining in no time and hardly any mess to clean up Hidden Content

the sandpaper can be normal stuff cut to size or you can get the velcro ones and they fit fine. I found the cheapest way was to get the coil of sanpaper cut it down clamp it on and cut the holes with the plate was the way forward Hidden Content

A great sander with little or no mess while using highly recomended and 3 year warranty again!! Hidden Content