>> From compl3x.wordpress.com:
I don?t wish to continue any programming on the subject of xbox 360 hacking/modding/reversing. This contains a plethera of information on the most common of Xbox 360 file formats:
* Secure-Transacted File System(STFS)
* File Allocation table For Xbox (FATX)
* Xenon Executable(XEX)

This should help you learn the internals of these file formats and how they work. Most of the code is in C#, though the xex information is in C.
I cannot claim legitamately that I created all of this, but the sources of who helped me are included in it. The FATX stuff was made by CLK, but is very similar to the FreeFATX/OpenFATX project I made a good while ago.I also updated it, though the version I updated is rather buggy (hoping CLK will add to the most current build, additions are in a text file in the project)I don?t know who created the xex information, though it was given to me by Mojobojo.
I hope people learn from this, feel free to download at your will and try to use this for whatever purpose(legal purposes)

It has been fun, sadly the Xbox 360 modding scene has extremely gluttonous tendencies and there is no doubt I will see some of this packaged up in someone elses program. I will attempt to update this whenever possible, or when new things are found (XDBF maybe??)

Hopefully this will give you better understanding of the xbox and you enjoy whatever you do/make with this.