Here's the diff used for the latest commando image, it's the same diff as the private one, I thought it was time to make it more public!

Main changes:
1. EPG filters accept channels name (and lookup the sid/tid/onid automatically)
2. Auto mode switch: only try to get 7 days EPG when available, sectionsd wakes up more often when 7 days is detected to speed up populating the EPG.
3. Now&Next thread includes data from other transponders
4. -dnnxd (Disable Now&Next eXtended Description) switch that do not store the extended description for now&next channels
5. Checks on the EPG events not relying on eventid only (also uses starttime) to avoid duplicates
6. As usual, you can force to start sectionsd as 'normal' by using the -not7 or -disableVirgin or -std_epg (they are the same)
7. -useBouquets <#> switch will not use the epg filters file and use the # first channels from bouquets.xml instead.

Many thanks for all the people that tested this... well mostly PaphosAl! And also for all the tips LraiZer, Cydine, rhabarber1848 etc... !