Poormans Fun Card Logger
Must use a Funcard 4 or greater to have enough external eeprom capacity for the stored emms.
Write a fun card with the relevant flash for your area
Use the INTEEP.hex file for internal eeprom.
use a good image for your area, if the keys are incorrect when or if, Hidden Content , a TV picture
appears the card is full.
Insert card into box and leave for a while, it will only store 200 command 00 emms
max so you cannot leave it in too long.
Your programmer must be selected to Funcard 4 when reading then save the external eeprom
file, if you have read the card as a funcard 4 the external eeprom file size will be 91K.
I have written a program called PrepLog which will convert your saved file into a text file
compatable with EMMStudio 3.0. Run PrepLog load the saved external eeprom hex file. Then
click save and store the text file.
Run EMMSTudio 3.0, click on the language and change to english unless you can read Spanish!,
load the saved text file with the Open Log button and away you go.
Hidden Content