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    Nagrarom Auto Update Fix - 29-11-08

    Here's the fix we've all been waiting on.

    The person who fixed it wishes to remain anonymous but we thank you very much!
    i found this on another place so i cnat take credit for it
    FTP the nagrarom7 file to your /var/scce or /var/keys folder, where ever it is on your box.
    Delete all the files with rom10 and rom11 in them, you should only have files with rom7.
    Restart emu or reboot your box and that's you.

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    The nagra files you should have are nagrarom7.bin, nagraram7.bin and nagraepr7.bin. The rom 10 and rom 11 files can be deleted.

    This is for open source boxes like dbox2 and dreambox. Boxes like Starview, Eurovox, etc. are closed source firmware and you'll need to wait until a new firmware release comes out.
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    Re: Nagrarom Auto Update Fix - 29-11-08

    works a treat m8
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