This is the one you have been reading about-The one where you can:

** Upgrade a slim to 3.71-2 M33.
** Upgrade a phat to 3.71-2 M33 w/1.50-2 kernel patch.
** Upgrade a slim to 3.80-5 M33.
** Upgrade a phat to 3.80-5 M33 w/1.50 kernel patch.
** Upgrade a phat to 3.90-3 M33 w/1.50 kernel patch.
** Upgrade a slim to 3.90-3 M33.
** Downgrade a phat to 1.50.
** Upgrade a phat straight to 3.52 M33 from Extended Boot Menu then install
** Update 4 via XMB with no need to downgrade to 1.50.
** Start up a Hidden Content with Ultimate Loader with support for choosing which Pandora you require V1, V3, V4 or V5 (by holding down the L trigger)
** Boot to the XMB with the Pandora battery inserted.
** Boot to a full 1.50 Hidden Content from the memory stick (Phat Only).
** Use PSPFiler and other tools (if it requires 1.50 slims can't as there is no 1.5 kernel)
** Upgraded a phat or slim to 3.71-4 M33 from the XMB with the update.
** Recover a software bricked Hidden Content (phat or slim)

All from one memory stick...

The best thing about this, is that all you need to create your pandora battery, and your Ultimate Magic Stick, is a custom firmware enabled Hidden Content ...No more confusing mspformat commands and IPL manipulation...You dont even need to use your computer-except to transfer the files to your PSP [Vista users rejoice!!]-If you can run a Hidden Content from your psp-you too can have the power of Pandora in your hands! All from an easy to use Hidden Content -enabled installer that runs from your psp-

This will eliminate the issues people are having when attempting to create a memory stick using Vista as everything is done from your PSP.

************************************************** *******************
************************************************** *******************

****This is our latest release and contains alot of new features****
* The installer has new splash screens designed by em82.
* New visual install process with ms free space display.
* New Pommel, Tachyon & Baryon Motherboard display & detection.
* New Random Serial Number Generator for your battery if you have lost yours.
* Now installs DC5, but TheJokers menu has been removed.
* Disable the Battery Menu for Slim TA-085v2 mobo's
* A restart function has been added to UL.
* Nand Backup has now been added to UL.
* IDStorage Backup has now been added to UL.

** If you already own a Pandora battery and memory stick without the multi-boot function you must remove your battery and plug in the AC cable, but the memory stick can remain inserted.
** If you are running a psp with custom firmware 3.80M33+ installed you will have a slightly different install sequence. This sequence will involve the copy and writing of files to your Flash 1.
** The U.P.M.S installer now has an application embedded that will enable you to format a fake memory stick (you are still advised to use an original pro duo stick)
** The U.P.M.S installer now has an option embedded that will enable you to remove an older Pandora/U.P.M.S setup from your stick without having the need to reformat and remove the IPL settings.
** If your psp is a TA82 and running firmware 3.80M33+ you will not be able to use the reboot function from within U.P.M.S.

************************************************** *******************
************************************************** *******************

Before you get started, you will need:
1> A psp with custom firmware already installed (All current custom firmwares can now be used for making the UPMS)
2> A battery you want to convert to a Pandora (yes,it can be converted back)
3> A spare memory stick PRO DUO (ideally a 512MB)
4>Hidden Content , Hidden Content , Hidden Content , and Hidden Content official $ony firmware updates
5>The installer which can be found Hidden Content

Getting Started:
2>Format your memory stick(from the psp menu)-{make sure you back up any game saves, MP3's, etc, beforehand}that you plan to use as the UPMS-For those of you with fake memory sticks use the format memory stick option from the UPMS installer
3>Go into Hidden Content mode and copy the UPMS installer.cso into your Hidden Content folder
3a>Copy the 1.50 update to the root of your memory stick-named as 150.PBP
3b>Copy the 3.71 update to the root of your memory stick-named as 371.PBP
3c>Copy the 3.80 update to the root of your memory stick-named as 380.PBP
3d>Copy the 3.90 update to the root of your memory stick-named as 390.PBP
4>Exit USB mode and run the UPMS program from the XMB as you would an Hidden Content or cso. (make sure your NO-Hidden Content is set correctly in recovery mode-Hidden Content NP9660)
5>Follow the steps in order (1-4)from the UPMS program {If you already have a Pandora battery set up, you can skip step #2 in the installer}

************************************************** *******************
************************************************** *******************

Instructions on how to use UPMS:


->Switch off your psp
->Insert the UPMS memory stick
->Hold down the L trigger button
->Insert Pandora battery
->Release L trigger button when the Ultimate Loader menu appears
(If your psp boots to the XMB, it means you didn?t hold the L trigger button down)

->Important: Make sure DCv3/v4 (cemetery) was the last active folder used, or you will have trouble getting the UL menu to light up-some people have had problems in the past attempting to use the UPMS on slim psps because of this...
In which case you will need to do the following:
->Power off and remove your slim battery.
->Push the power switch down so its in the HOLD position
->Insert the UPMS memory stick
->Now hold L and insert your Pandora Battery.
->Release L when the MS light or screen flashes
->Ultimate Loader will then switch the active folder to the cemetery or DCv3/4
->Carefully return the power switch to the middle or the ON position-making sure you dont put the psp in sleep mode

->If you just keep the DCv3/4/5 cemetery folder always active-you can basically follow the same steps as you would for a fat psp<-

You should then see the main menu (Ultimate Loader)
-From here you can select the following:

-- Load Pandora Extended Menu (Hellcat)
-- Load Despertar Cementerio v3
-- Load Despertar Cementerio v4
-- Load Despertar Cementerio v5
-- Tools & Options Menu
-- Toggle USB (ms0)

************************************************** ******************
************************************************** ******************

Menu Descriptons:

Hellcat Menu-[>>NOT FOR USE ON SLIMS<<
This is the Extended Pandora Boot Menu(EPBM).

NOTE: Make sure your wi-fi switch is OFF or in the down position before using this menu-otherwise you may encounter a blank screen, or some of the menu options will not appear. In which case you'll have to take out and re-insert the battery.

-Boot to full firmware (from memorystick)- This option is no longer working..
-Go to Pandora mainmenu-This is where you launch original Pandora v1 (unbrick/downgrade to 1.50)
-Boot PSP from internal flash- This will boot your psp as it normally would-if flash is corrupted, it wont boot.
-Fix flash1:/ (format and create directories)? used for formatting flash1-resets configuration files
-Launch app with flash0:/ access- From here you can select your app by changing the path to point to the 'keycleaner' folder
-Launch CFW installer-This is where you would update to 3.52M33(This needs to be setup first before you can use it-
You do this by doing the following:
-Boot into Ultimate loader
-Select Hellcat menu
-Scroll to 'Launch CFW Installer'
-Press 'O' to choose your path
-You will want to scroll to '352UPDATE' from the drop down menu, and select it using the X button
-It should now say "new path saved"
-Now when you select 'Launch CFW Installer', just press X, and it will take you to the 3.52M33 installer after doing the preparations(on the brown screen-)
-This will install 3.52M33 (first release)
[NOTE: you have to run the m33-4 update from the XMB under the GAME menu when you are done?It?s the one with the calendar])

-USB Options-Pretty straightforward, connects your psp to USB

************************************************** ******************
************************************************** ******************

Despertar del Cementerio v3-(Standalone)

This is where you upgrade fat or slim PSP?s to 3.71M33-2 or official Sony 3.71-You can also backup or restore NAND images (NOTE: You will have to run the 1.50 kernel patch (for fat PSP?s only) from the XMB under the GAME menu)

************************************************** ******************

Despertar Cementerio v4-(Standalone)
This is what is used to update your psp to 3.80M33-5 custom firmware, or official 3.80 firmwares as well as dumping and restoring NAND images-Again you will have to run the 1.50 kernel patch from the XMB menu after you update to 3.80M33-5 (fats only)

************************************************** ******************

Despertar Cementerio v5-(Standalone)
This is what is used to update your psp to 3.90M33-3 custom firmware, or official 3.90 firmwares as well as dumping and restoring NAND images-Again you will have to run the 1.50 kernel patch from the XMB menu after you update to 3.80M33-5 (fats only)

************************************************** *******************

Tools Menu (by jasOnuk)
*Launch elf files from this menu
*Included are two Elf files. NANDManager and NANDTool
*Elf Creation
1.Use Hidden Content unpackerand extract the data.psp file
2.Rename data.psp to ?anything you like?.elf
If named ?anything?_FAT.elfor ?anything?_SLIM.elfit will only work for that model and will be grayed out for the other
3.Place your new elf in the elf folder
4.Run app and launch elf

************************************************** *******************

Setting Up Extra Memory Sticks:
If you wish to use additional memory sticks but leave your battery set up as a Pandora so that you can leave the one that contains the U.M.P.S files alone-
Just do the following:
1> Connect to your AC supply-sans battery.
2> Insert the memory stick you wish to use.
3> Switch on you psp.
4> Format the memory stick from within the xmb.
5> Go to the USB icon and connect to the computer.
6> Open up the ISO folder and place the UPMS installer cso inside.
7> Disconnect from the computer.
8> Go to the Game icon in the xmb and run the installer.
9> Only run step #1,and choose the multi ipl option, this will then allow you to use this memory stick as a normal one with your Pandora battery.
(you do not need to install all of the files-Just run step#1 and exit).



The U.P.M.S team are glad that you have decided to download and use our software but we are not to be held responsible for any damage that might occur while using and creating your U.P.M.S stick!! From all the U.P.M.S Team-Have fun with your stick and help to spread
the word!!


The U.P.M.S. Project:

OverfiendX-UPMS Creator/Tester

gh0st-UPMS/Ultimate Loader Developer/Tester

Lawthugg-UPMS Co-Designer/Tester

blueacidic-U.P.M.S. Web Site Developer

Thanks to everyone who has made this possible and contributed to UPMS.

Thanks to Cory, Jas0nUk, Hellcat, TheJoker, Dark_Alex, C+D, Minerva for the great tools used in this project.

Thanks to all the beta testers
& Tbdawg for their time and patience during development.

Thanks to eM82 for the new splash screens