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09-08-2016, 08:48 PM
I happened to buy a cheap Skybox F3, that it seems to be clone.. as to scan for new channels is a nightmare together with editing them..now it is just half bricked. I am trying to flash it. i have a copy of the image but perhaps not the bootloader...
this is the price perhaps when you do not want to spend much in a decent box..

anybody can help me please. i just manage to flash it but it fails to load after succesfull flash.

thanx a lot

10-08-2016, 10:28 AM
1.Connect your RS232 LEAD to the SKYBOX F3

2.Now select corresponding port on the erom software.

3.Press upgrade & select the skybox f3.abs enclosed in the erom folder.

4.Switch off the SKYBOX F3 at the rear of the box.

5.Now press "NEXT" then turn the box on at the back you will now see "Com Port OK and the blue bar start to fill up"

6.The loader will now start loading slowly. (allow the firmware time to load even if it hangs at the end wait for completion and it will reboot once completed)

If it fails to start loading,turn the box off via the rear power switch & again press "NEXT" then turn the reciever back on,it may take several times before the box starts to load the firmware.