View Full Version : how much of a security risk is it to still be using xp?

10-01-2015, 10:25 PM
hi all,

just wondering?

assuming an up to date anti virus and malware protection, xp should still surely be safe?

10-01-2015, 11:42 PM

read that. might help

21-01-2015, 01:26 PM
AV and Malware software probably wont protect your from security holes in an unsupported OS - I wouldn't personally risk it.

22-01-2015, 01:25 AM
maybe the firewall might ......... but maybe it might not?

hopefully it should still be ok with the updates trick - until itruns out in 2019 ........ as long as microsoft does not phone me to tell me that i have a virus! .... lol!

JW Rebel
12-12-2015, 03:15 AM
The security risk is minimal. I have been receiving critical updates regularly all this time, even recently.
I actually still have a Win98 machine at home, no virus scanner (takes too many resources).

If you're behind a NAT router, don't do foolish things, know what you're doing, there is minimal threat.
At home I use Netbeui networking to expose shares, cutting the binding to the tcp/ip stack. That means all your shares are unroutable. This won't work beyond winXP (no netbeui stack) but it sure was an easy security measure.

The constant fear-mongering with security threats and vulnerabilities is overdone. Weaknesses shouldn't be countered by end users but by software makers. It is far cheaper to clean up pollution upstream (like they did on the Rhine with the French salt mines) than to do expensive water treatment at a million intake points downstream.

Most waves of viruses/malware are the result of deliberate design choices by manufacturers. Could expand, but need to find a more relevant thread.