View Full Version : Got a new phone? Here's what to do with your old one!

31-12-2014, 12:21 PM
Upgraded to a new phone this Christmas? Just because you're switching blowers doesn't mean you should abandon your old handset, and there are loads of cool things you can do with it. From turning it into a media hub, to using it for backup or even as a portable video player, we take a look at some of the things you can do with your old phone.

Spotify hub

Your old smartphone can happily live a new life as your home music hub, and you'll be able to hook it up to your stereo or speakers and play back your favourite tracks with ease. Better yet, if you have a Spotify Premium account, you'll also be able to use your new phone to control your old handset remotely, skipping tracks you don't like and searching for new music from the other side of the room or further.

Chromecast remote control

You won't be needing a high-end blower to get the best out of your Chromecast, and you can just as easily control movies, programmes or even just mirror your web browser using a Chromecast and your old smartphone. Download apps like Netflix and you'll have no trouble streaming them onto your Chromecast and TV, flicking through episodes from the comfort of your sofa, and using your old phone to find all the latest flicks.

Security camera

There are plenty of webcams out there that stream live video, including the NetGear VueZone VZSX2800, so why not take advantage and put your old smartphone to good use as a security device. Leave it somewhere prominent, plugged in and with a permanent connection to your webcam, and you'll be able to see who's coming to the door before they get there or check on the kids without getting up. Wireless webcams aren't just limited to streaming videos around the house either, so you could potentially leave your old phone at work so you'll always be able to check on the family even when you're out.


If your old phone packs in a big screen, and you travel around a lot without access to power, why not turn it into a portable e-reader? There are loads of great e-reading apps out there, from Amazon's Kindle to xxx, and with all the wireless functions turned off, your old phone should last a lot longer than your new blower as an e-Reader. Better yet, if the battery does give up the ghost after a particularly intense reading session, you'll still be able to make calls, play games and carry on as usual with your latest handset.

A backup device

If you've upgraded your Windows Phone, and fancy doing something sensible with your old blower, it could be worth putting it to good use as a backup device. Keep it logged in with your Outlook account, and it's possible to get all your text messages delivered to both your new and old phone, even if one doesn't have a SIM card in it. And with your photographs automatically uploaded to Microsoft's SkyDrive, easily available to view on either handset, Windows Phone could have the perfect backup device should anything happen to your shiny new phone. The ability to pick up another handset and leave the house knowing all your messages are already there could certainly be a godsend!

Satellite navigation

You could even turn your old phone into a stand-alone sat-nav, with plenty of options for mapping that don't need an internet connection to offer directions. Download an app like HERE for Android (https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.here.app.maps) and you'll be able to keep all your maps offline, helping to boost battery life and also offering faster, smoother navigation. Sure, your new phone can also provide navigation, but this way the phone you need most will keep running for longer, and it won't matter as much if you forget and leave the old blower in the car.

02-01-2015, 06:44 PM
Since I brought my last phone, I have used my old one for experimenting on. Rooting and firmware upgrades, also using a app to run macros to automate playing a games, a quickly way to level up!

I have also used my phone as a media player, copied films I want to watch on the go or to stream direct to my TV, so I don't have to have my computer on all the time. Also it has some of my music so I can Bluetooth to my car stereo and also my home media centre.

I do like the idea of using it as a satnav, good idea. time to get rid of my old outdated crappie Garmin satnav.

Thanks for the Tips, some good ideas there.