View Full Version : Brazillian Street Artist Doing Justice to Sultans of Swing” By Dire Straits!

13-08-2014, 05:33 PM
Willian Lee ? is a music producing artist that roam the streets of Brazil. Most of you might think that his career is unlike others. Upon first sight, you may think that his is not as glittering as the music careers of famous artists. But anyone who has heard his music will not argue that he is anything less than the famous artist you have in mind.

If you?re not a big fan of song covers here in YouTube, this may be the first cover you?d be delighted to hear over and over again.As for the song, there has been many artists and random strangers who have done voice over the song Sultans of Swing of Dire Straits. Many agree that this is probably the best song released by the British rock band Dire Straits. It came out with their self-titled debut album and has taken the band to their lows and great highs ever since.
People first heard the song in 1978, but it?s safe to say that it became a hit in 1979 when it was re-released. Both the UK and USA public embraced Dire Straits because of Sultans of Swing.

Willian Lee, as you can see has perfected playing this song as cover. He is welcomed warmly in every location he has been to when it?s time to play this. What?s even more amazing is that he hasn?t gone through music courses or enrolled in singing colleges to acquire this talent ? not even in some vocal training online. He?s able to sing this good through natural talent and experience.Thanks for watching this little cover. Hopefully, it brought you enough fun and joy lasting a few seconds ? or more!

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