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25-07-2014, 12:05 AM

We?re used to seeing bargain-basement Android tablets like the Tesco Hudl, but there?s nowhere near as much choice when it comes to Windows tablets. That?s where the KingSing tablet comes in, offering Windows for just ?60. Yep, you read that right.

The chances are you?ve never heard of KingSing, with the company selling its wares over in China. As with lots of Chinese manufacturers though, there?s a lot to like about its latest gadget, not least the pricing.

It?s the first Windows tablet we?ve seen to come in at under $99 (?58), for a start, proving that you don?t need to spend a fortune on something like the Nokia Lumia 2520 to get your mitts on a touchscreen Windows device.

Check out the Tesco Hudle as a bargain-basement rival!

Granted, the specs on the KingSing tablet are never going to have high-end tablets like the Samsung Galaxy Tab S or Apple iPad Air quaking in their boots, but it should offer more than enough for people getting to grips with their first tablet, or those who prioritise budget above all else.

That sub-?60 price tag gets you an 8-inch screen, boasting a respectable if completely unremarkable 1280?800 resolution. The quad-core Intel Baytrail processor ticks along at 1.8GHz, backed by 1GB of RAM, and should be more than enough to keep the Windows OS running smoothly, so long as you don?t have any designs on using Photoshop, at any rate.

There?s not a lot else to help the KingSing stand out from the crowd, although the inclusion of an HDMI port does mean you?ll be able to hook it up to your TV when you want to watch movies on the big screen.

There?s currently no word on availability, or indeed on whether you?ll be able to grab the bargain slate outside of China, but watch this space for more information

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