View Full Version : Manta LED TV 15" DVBT MPEG4

07-06-2014, 12:23 PM
Just on the off chance someone has knowledge of Manta TV,s
I bought this for 12v operation in my caravan.
The main reason being the small screen size and the fact it should record in PVR
I have sent the below msg to Manta .pl with no response

"I am having problems recording with a Manta LED 1501.

I am using a 16 Gb (Formatted) Usb Stick.

I am going onto Digital TV Guide and selecting the programme I want to record.

While the Tv is on the recording starts and records correctly,

If I try to switch the Tv off a message appears,

"do you want to switch Tv screen off and keep recording",

I select this option !

When I put the Tv on later to watch the recording I find it hasnt recorded.

(It only time records with the Tv picture on).

The manual supplied with this Tv, does not correspond with the Tv controls !!!

The serial no is LED150108418"

Has anyone else had this problem?
Can I install the latest software ?

Any help appreciated,