View Full Version : Huawei dn370t HDD Upgrade

22-03-2014, 02:11 PM
Is it possible to upgrade the HDD in these?

I was given a broken box, the HDD was just clicking and it would only boot into recovery mode. I tried putting another drive in that I had laying around, only 80GB, but it still kept going into recovery mode, I gave up on it for a while after that, thinking the HDD was just too small and I didn't want to buy another just to find it didn't work, but the other day I decided to pull my external HDD apart to try that (320GB, like the original), so I backed it up and set about putting it in the youview box, long story short I had to partition it manually via linux, let it update then reset it a couple of times, then it worked.

So if I get another HDD I know it will work, but can I go bigger or do I have to stick to 320GB?


06-07-2014, 12:54 AM
I read something about this before and that there were a few partitions all of set sizes on the HDD and that it didn't work with bigger hard drives. Im sure people got them working but only got 320gb's of storage still due to how partitions are setup.