View Full Version : Hi all my m8 got have an Openbox 11 to get the $ ch dont work

05-01-2014, 11:55 AM
Hi all my m8 got have an Openbox 11 to get the $ ch dont work

but if you do this it works good :S

press the power off the back on the get the $ ch workin good

any info thanks

05-01-2014, 12:22 PM
Q quick check list to run through
SkyBox F/M3/X3 OpenBox S9 S10 S11 S12 S16 Etc tutorial cccam install/setup
Here is the basic tutorial of how to install/insert the C Line (Cccam.cfg) MANUALLY (without USB or PC )

1- Turn on your openbox/skybox go to network under the network go to network setup make sure the DHCP is on and click apply.
2 - under the network menu you will also see Cccam client setup go there and click ok, then go to manage config file if you are not using a usb dongle/ then go to Cccam.cfg and click Ok on the Cccam.cfg.
3 If you get a password then try 0000 normally its without a password. once you inside the Cccam.cfg you will see the c line you had before or blank if it a new box. delete all by lcikcing red or delete only the line you want by clicking Yellow.

4- I assume its blank if your openbox/skybox is new. now time to insert the C line. click Blue to add, you will be presented with different options.

Protocol= Cccam
Host = myhostname.dyndns.info
Port = 12000
Usename = myusername
Password = mypassword
leave the rest as it is.
click Yellow (OK)

5- Click Ok on the line to activate it or (Green) once is ticked press exit to save and reboot your box.
If you done everything correct your line should be online instead of offline or no active on the Cccam.cfg.
if its online then enjoy your channels if its offline check with your c line provider or check if you missed something or miss spell.
finally check if you are getting internet by going to network setup and select DHCP ON and apply.


Q 1 my line keeps says login/offline
A 1 try another channels or ask your c line provider whats happening I think this is something to do with your line therefore your internet is connected.
Q2 My box keep says offline.
A2 check your internet or the c line must be incorrect/deactive.

Q3 Cant see cccam Client setup at all do i need to install Cccam?
A3- No i don't think so, Some newer skybox/openbox with the latest firmware Cccam or other cams are hidden, press 6666 on the network menu and not network setup ( just on the main network menu before highlighting the network setup.
it should appear there or inside Cams.

You must reboot your box after you insert the c line for the first time.

Also if it has a external psu try a different one if you can

24-10-2016, 04:05 PM
would your post fergy work for v8s m8

24-10-2016, 08:55 PM
No idea DD only one way to find out ;)

25-10-2016, 07:55 AM
followed your post but no luck but was worth a try ty m8

25-10-2016, 10:03 PM
Found this DD
To install cccam on Openbox V5S, V8S or V*SE boxes, Simple procedure has to be followed.

-First Create a CCcam.cfg file containing your Clines and copy it onto a USB stick.

-Connect the USB stick to usb port on the box.

-On the remote controller click Menu, go on Network Local Setting and click OK.

-Choose Camds Setup and press OK.

-Next page, by default you are on "CCcam Client Setup", press OK.

-Now, if you have any previous Clines, you must remove them first and then install new ones. So let`s have it checked.

-Click "Manage Config Files" and on the next page choose "CCcam.cfg" and press OK

-If you see any old clines listed, you need to remove them, You can go to "Delete All" to do that. After that reboot the box by power button on your remote.

-Once the box booted, again go to Menu>Network Local Setting>Camds Setup>CCcam Client Setup>Manage Config Files>CCcam.cfg There should be nothing.

-So press exit once to get back to the previous page and then choose "Update Files by USB" and then choose "CCcam.cfg(CCcam plug)" and press OK.

-A sign will appear next to that. Press the Yellow button on the remote control to start Reading process.

-If all goes fine, you should see "Now reading CCcam.cfg .. Find New Account .. Save Data OK .. Read All Finished".

-Now if you go to Manage Config Files and see the content of CCcam.cfg of your box, clines are installed and they "Need Reboot".

-Once again power off/on your box by power button on the remote control.

Thats it, CCcam is ready to be used on your box.

followed your post but no luck but was worth a try ty m8

25-10-2016, 10:11 PM
will give it a go in the morning m8 ty

04-11-2016, 11:39 AM
Didnt work think i goosed the box m8 its in a loop now lol

13-11-2016, 11:24 PM
openbox nearly all the same procedure
loads of you tube vids to follow .
Only had 2 dead boxes in 20 years one Dbox and one openbox .
Gave up on them but if had more time , think both could have been recoverd .............Paul