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29-11-2013, 12:39 PM
The boss of Sony yesterday insisted it had learned from past mistakes as the eagerly-anticipated PlayStation 4 went live at midnight.

Andrew House said the company was putting ?keeping gamers happy? at the top of its priorities.

?We?ve learnt our lessons from the PlayStation 3 and we?re committed to ensuring the PlayStation 4 offers both the best value and the greatest potential from day one,? the Sony president and CEO said.

?In the launch period, we need to make sure the principal consumer ? the gaming audience ? is excited about the kinds of experiences they?re going to have,? added Mr House. ?Gamers are not only our core audience at launch but they?re also highly influential in terms of other consumers.?

Thousands of people began queuing from early yesterday to get their hands on the PS4 when it launched at midnight. Sony welcomed hundreds of fans to its PS4 Lounge in central London, with promises of consoles available to buy for those that had not already pre-ordered. The first 100 who had already secured their console via retailer GAME were invited to the launch party itself, attended by rapper Tinie Tempah.

It?s an important launch for Sony. The PS4 is positioned as being both more powerful and yet less expensive than Microsoft?s Xbox One.

But, while the PS4 hardware itself has been well received, the launch line-ups of both consoles have come under criticism, with neither offering a stand-out title and Sony having only two exclusive retail games on day one.
?Consumers will make their decisions but it certainly hasn?t had any impact on pre-orders or enthusiasm for the platform overall,? said Mr House.

Source http://metro.co.uk/2013/11/28/ps4-launch-sony-boss-this-time-weve-put-gamers-first-4206837/

Was anyone lucky enough to get one of these today ? If so what's your first impressions ?