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12-08-2006, 11:10 PM
I am using outlook express on XP home but the spell checker is not available. any way of enabling spellchecker.

12-08-2006, 11:19 PM
First you need office and if your using Windows XP 64 Bit it wont work on that platform unless your using Office outlook

13-08-2006, 12:29 AM
|MG| Free Download - Spell Checker for OE 2.1 (To view links or images in this forum your post count must be 1 or greater. You currently have 0 posts. appearently the purpose of this program, is to supply for free the ability to use Spelling in OE, without the need to purchase other software, such as MS Word,Works, or Office

(copied from the site)

01-09-2006, 08:38 PM
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