View Full Version : Windows Phone could steal the show by 2016

07-06-2012, 06:15 PM
IDC noted Wednesday in its Worldwide Quarterly Mobile Phone Tracker report, that it believes Windows Phone will be the number two mobile operating system by 2016. According to the report, Windows Phone is expected to take 19 percent of the global smartphone market in just four years; currently, the platform sits at just over five percent of that market.
If IDC's prediction is to be true, Nokia will need to further boost its presence in the U.S. IDC analyst Kevin Restivo said:
?The smartphone parade won?t be as lively this year as it has been in past. The mobile phone user transition from feature phones to smartphones will continue in a gradual but unabated fashion. Smartphone growth, however, will increasingly be driven by a triumvirate of smartphone operating systems, namely Android, iOS and Windows Phone 7.?
These findings point to a continued growth in smartphone shipments, with the opposite being true for Google?s Android OS. Currently, Android remains king with an expected 61 percent market share in 2012, but IDC thinks that number will drop to a noticeable 53 percent by 2016. iOS, on the other hand, is expected to remain as it has been with just over 20 percent of the market in 2012 and only slightly below that by 2016.
RIM's BlackBerry, not surprisingly, will likely continue slipping. In its report, IDC also noted:
?There will continue to be a market for BlackBerry OS-powered devices, despite Research In Motion?s current woes. This is true in emerging markets, for example, where users are looking for affordable messaging devices. However, the gulf between the BlackBerry OS and its primary competition will widen over the forecast as the mobile ohone market becomes increasingly software/app-oriented and the ?bring your own device? enterprise trend proliferates.?