View Full Version : WWE Star Chris Jericho Suspended for Denigrating Brazilian Flag

25-05-2012, 11:45 AM

A WWE event in Brazil came to a screeching halt Thursday evening ... when local law enforcement stopped a live match and threatened to arrest Chris Jericho for desecrating the Brazilian flag.

It all went down during a match between Jericho and C.M. Punk -- who was proudly waving the flag in the ring. Jericho took the flag away, crumpled it up and kicked the flag out of the ring ... and that's when police stepped in and put a stop to the event.

We're told Jericho was informed that desecrating the national flag is a crime in Brazil ... punishable by incarceration.

Cops gave Jericho an option -- apologize to the arena ... or go to jail. Chris chose the former ... grabbing the mic and telling the crowd he immediately regretted his actions. Cops allowed the event to continue.

Sources connected to the WWE tell TMZ ... the flag stunt was NOT planned or approved by WWE officials.

The WWE has just released an official statement saying, "Chris Jericho has been suspended indefinitely due to an irresponsible act of denigrating the Brazilian flag at a WWE event in Sao Paulo on May 24. The WWE has apologized to the citizens and the government of Brazil for this incident."

Source (To view links or images in this forum your post count must be 1 or greater. You currently have 0 posts. This is definitely a work. Jericho has some tour dates with his band Fozzy on June 6th, what a coincidence.

25-05-2012, 12:43 PM
pmsl Considering the amount of rentacops that appear at WWE events by invitation, to have real cops jump in and disrupt a match like that before it got started is quite funny.
I have to agree with you though, the timing is too coincidental and with all the countries WWE visit, I can't believe their lawyers wouldn't have known about it being a criminal offense to disrespect that countries flag either?
Not so long ago it was a criminal offense to burn the U.S. flag in America as well!
Seems to me there are too many "part time" wrestlers in the WWE at the moment! :thumbdown: