View Full Version : Dm800se experimental oe2.0

04-05-2012, 09:53 PM
Date: 2012-04-30 14:07
Enigma2: 3.999git20120430-r1.0
Distro: opendreambox 2.0.0
Machine: Dreambox dm800se
Link: http://dreamboxupdate.com/opendreambox/2.0.0/ipk
MD5: 76d167bbd42b9cb7a155b7e25bac1119
SHA256: 275c7954591110b56876944a2e221f23dbf971689ce10c3902 510d1f9065c920
enigma2 (20120327 rel32 -> 20120430 master)
- added default HD skin
- worked on input device detection
- fixed broken live to timeshift transition
- fixed transponder scan problems with broken NIT entries (zero symbolrate)
- optimized transponder scan (non-DVB transponders are now skipped much faster)
- fixed RASS picture download
- added option to use custom spinner pictures
- fixed teletext subtitle crashes
- bugfixes for storage device manager
- fixed erroneously removed repeated timers via instant record button
- fixed repeated timer handling via instant record button
- added notification queue / manager
- small skin engine improvements (menu entry description)
- added HDMI CEC core support
- added hebrew translation
- added (expert) menu option to enable SCPC transponder optimized search ranges
- fixed slow zapping times between motor-connected LNBs and non-motor LNBs
and added a (expert) menu option to switch back to the old behaviour
- added support to playback unprotected "blu discs"
- fixed plugin list oled summary support
- show current ip address in about screen
- fixed multi-language epg support (broken since arte/arteHD workaround)
- added initial UPnP-Client Support for plugin-developers (enigma2-plugin-systemplugins-upnp), take a look at the available demo plugins for some examples

hardware drivers (20120322 -> 20120415)
- added HDMI CEC support for dreamboxes with HDMI connector
- added support for synchronized PCM playback (7400,7405 based dreamboxes)
- HDMI hotplug improvements/changes
- various vtuner improvements (added ACK timeouts)
- added new vtuner MSG_GET_TUNE_SETTINGS to set the linux tv api min_delay_ms value

- updated runtime environment
- updated from linux kernel 2.6.18 to linux kernel 3.2(.16)