View Full Version : Sony to launch Windows Phones

13-03-2012, 07:47 PM
Firm will bide its time to see if demand for the OS develops.
Sony is looking to bounce back from severing ties with Ericsson, with hope that its new Xperia range of Android devices will set the smartphone world alight.
However, the firm isn't putting all of its eggs in the Android basket, as Sony would consider adopting the Windows Phone OS,
During a meeting with Sony's product marketing manager Stephen Sneeden at MWC, the exec revealed that the firm is open to moving to WinPho, though it will monitor the progress of the OS before converting.
That, of course, means monitoring Nokia's sales, as the firm is using WinPho on its premium Lumia devices and future low-end models.
Aside from Windows and Android, Sony may also be looking to design a PlayStation Vita OS for its mobiles too.