View Full Version : Senseg demonstrates new technology that creates textures on flat screens

06-12-2011, 06:15 PM
http://images.gizmag.com/hero/sensegtouchscreen-2.jpg Senseg's technology would allow you to feel textures on a tablet's screen

What if you could feel what's on your television screen? Tech company Senseg is working on a way for you to someday be able to do just that, and recently demonstrated a prototype tablet that is already able to make that magic happen.
The tech is made possible using an electrostatic-field-based system that allows different parts of the screen to produce varying degrees of friction. So, while you're touching a flat screen, it feels like you're touching something textured instead. Your traditional screen is turned into what Senseg is calling a "Feel Screen," allowing you to feel textures, contours and edges of things that are displayed in front of you.
Feel Screens don't rely on moving parts in the screen itself, and could be integrated into devices we use today such as smartphones, tablets, and televisions. Senseg's technology is still very much in prototype-form, but could be headed our way in the next 24 months.
I am for ever cleaning mine as it is lol

07-12-2011, 05:56 AM
I suppose you could use it to pick your next wallpaper,............but imagine using it with "Virtual Jenna"?
I can see how the cleaning would develop into a major problem though! pmsl